AgilePoint Debuts Genesis at the SharePoint Conference 2012

AgilePoint debuted Genesis, “the newest version of [AgilePoint’s] acclaimed brand of BPM solutions”, at the SharePoint 2012 Conference in Las Vegas, NV in the United States. “BPM” stands for Business Process Management, which is AgilePoint’s no code, workflow rich software development architecture. BPM is designed to directly equip both line of business (LOB) organizations and corporate IT with a method of developing IT software that successfully delivers what line of business (LOB) units require, in a manner that will likely conform to the governance policy of corporate IT organizations.

Jesse Shiah, Founder and CEO of AgilePoint notes that Genesis ” . . . leverages several platforms for improved business processes with security, simplicity and ease-of use. These advantages allow organizations to directly configure workflow assignments with endless opportunities.” (ibid) and at no cost. Genesis is an absolutely free application that empowers customers to build automated procedures with BPM methods. The applications produced in the Genesis development environment can then be deployed out to up to 25 users. These users can avail of all of the features of these automated procedures in full production mode. Jesse Shiah goes on to express AgilePoint’s objective: namely that a free of charge offer will entice LOB executive to move forward, thereby ” . . .jumpstarting process excellence.” (ibid).

Rehmani Consulting, Inc. maintains strong synergies with AgilePoint. For example, we, also, are entirely confident that no code, workflow intensive, development methodologies make for a set of potentially safe tools (we say “potentially” in that, of course, IT security procedures must be in place and used to ensure that the underlying software, itself, must be genuine and not rogue) that LOB power users can use, with confidence, to produce precisely the software procedures that they require to successfully accomplish their objectives for using IT software. Further, we think that provisioning a no code development architecture like BPM directly to LOBs will free up IT to maintain optimum allocation of resources in an increasingly demanding environment.

We think Genesis is a bold step forward on the part of AgilePoint. If they successfully attain their objectives, then many more enterprise class businesses and comparably sized organizations in the public sector will have first hand experience with the benefits of no code application development. As those benefits grow to include authentic reductions in the cost of building IT procedures, and, further, business operations, themselves, then a migration from Genesis to higher end products in AgilePoint’s offer will be assured. We are betting on AgilePoint’s success in this endeavor.

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