Help Content for The Term Store Management Tool for SharePoint Online Office 365 E3 Plans has been Improved

The help feature for the Term Store Management Tool included in the Administration Center for SharePoint Online, Office 365 E3 plans is substantially improved over earlier versions. Help content is accessed with a click on the blue circle with a question mark in the center located on the upper right of the Administration Center screen.

When we clicked on the help button, all of the information that was served to us was completely specific to the Term Store Management tool. The phraseology of the written help content was only marginally more informative than what we have read in the past. For example, the following phrase, “[t]he SharePoint Online Administrator can use the Term Store Management Tool in the SharePoint Online Administration Center to configure managed metadata for sites. The managed metadata features in SharePoint Online provide support for the implementation of formal taxonomies through managed terms.” (quoted from Manage the Term Store and managed metadata) may not mean much to SharePoint Administrators from SMBs.

But the link found at the bottom of this opaque piece of information now provides SharePoint Administrators with one click access to a search results page for the Microsoft Office online knowledge base that presents a very extensive set of training content on the details about Term Sets, Taxonomy and managed metadata. We clicked around these results and found the clarity of the writing to be much better than what we had been accustomed to with past versions of this tool.

The Term Store, Taxonomy and managed metadata, when implemented successfully, are all very important features of the type of SharePoint implementation that users tend to adopt in higher numbers than the norm. The improvements in training content on the details about these features should contribute, substantially, to a better return on investment for subscribers as long as Admninistrators are aware that this content is available, and, of course, make use of it.

Ira Michael Blonder

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