Software Built with Microsoft’s Office Cloud App Model can Make Multi-Tenant Public Cloud Offers More Useful for Enterprises

In a video tutorial set titled SharePoint 2013: Beginning Development, Steve Fox, a Director at Microsoft® Services presents the Office 2013 Cloud App Model, in detail. Enterprises interested in exploring the comparatively less expensive option of using multi-tenant software as a service (SaaS) offers like Office 365, should also explore whether it makes sense to implement the Office Cloud App Model as a method of building custom software for the organization.

Cloud computing security is a major concern for most enterprises. Multi-tenant public cloud computing offers are, on the surface, even more vulnerable to malicious attacks than private cloud alternatives. But when software is written to run entirely on the client side of the computing experience, with minimal interaction with the server, then the risk of malicious attack is, to some extent, mitigated. An assessment of the actual extent of risk mitigation must be left to the stakeholders to determine.

If the level of risk is determined to be acceptable, then multi-tenant, public SaaS offers become very attractive, if for no other reason then their very low per user cost as compared to on premises, or hybrid alternatives.

The Office 2013 Cloud App Model is designed to enable developers to build software entirely in this manner, meaning with tools like HTML and JavaScript, which seldom, or never, require interaction with an application or web server. When the server is isolated from processes, in this manner, then the entire computing experience should be much more secure, and, therefore, more palatable for enterprises.

An added benefit is the freedom LoBs (Line of Business Units) have to develop this type of software without direct involvement from a central IT organization.

If you would like to explore how it might make sense for your enterprise to implement the Office 2013 Cloud App Model, then please contact us.

Ira Michael Blonder

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